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Web Raid Mobile: the first preview will be out soon

September 26, 2011

By now you can play the game. You won't get any achievements, and save/load of your progress is nonexistent, and many things are rather basic, but it works, and some levels are real fun to play.

Check out the "Web Raid Mobile in action" in the menu to the left.

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Wow, that Android version surely made progress in the last weeks...

September 6, 2011

Hi everybody,

I guess it's a matter of weeks now until I'll put a first prototype of Web Raid Mobile for Android phones next to the "classic" Web Raid. By now


  • It generates mobile-sized dungeons from web pages (difference to the PC version: a single web page turns into a whole dungeon).
  • You can see these dungeons, scroll around easily.
  • The background icons are like in the PC version, with different fire/water/wood/... themes depending on the level's words.
  • There's a player, and you can move him around on the dungeon level.
  • You can pick up weapons and other stuff. You can equip weapons, armor, amulets.
  • There are the same ol' creatures, but with all-new character - now there are e.g. wild beasts that attack you, hunters that fight in groups, men of law that will fight the last attacker and so on. All of them (seem to) work.
  • You can fight these monsters like in the PC version (same basic battle mechanism - you have a weapon and armor, they may have the same, and all of this has values in the five elements of chinese astrology.
  • The main screen has a health gauge, a working inventory button, an...
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I need to make that Android version...

July 31, 2011

After months of inactivity, the Android version I'm working on is catching up speed again. If you want to take a look at the first screen of the actual game, head over to my Android site: (bloody site here doesn't work well with Chrome so I can't turn this into a real link).

Status in a sentence: it generates dungeons, populates them with the real stuff as in the "big" web raid, and is able to display the main screen incl. scrolling.

The big thing that is missing is any kind of monster intelligence and monster interaction (read:fighting). Long way to go. 

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A new blog...

July 28, 2011

Dying all the time? Want to know a few things from somebody who's played countless hours (and written the game :-) ). Then head over to my new blog:

Other updates: I'm working on my Android followup again. I was badly stuck because I wanted to do a "real game". And, well, I just don't like learning about animation, 3D stuff, and the like. So I focus on a game that is not turn-based, but apart from that pretty much the original formula with much better dungeon generation, levels that fit small devices, and hopefully a few new things like NPCs and missions. But I have a long way to go.


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Playing your own game after half a year...

February 4, 2011

can be quite revealing. Yesterday I played Web Raid again after several months of not touching it. And I actually still like it. I'm not sure if the controls are so straight forward - I need to add context menus to make it easier to get into the game (didn't remember most of the letters). Apart from that the challenge is still fierce, but on my second attempt I manage to grab a treasure that I had never seen before.

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Started the "Web Raid Mobile Development Blog"

July 21, 2010

If you want to read about the progress of Web Raid for Android devices, or maybe get some hints on developing Java for Android, why not head over to my new blog:

The Web Raid Mobile Development Blog

 (Hosted by wordpress)


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Web Raid Mobile update

July 19, 2010

Not much news for Web Raid itself; I'm investing my (little) private time that I have into "Web Raid Mobile", which will be a more graphical and less strategic version of Web Raid for Android phones.

Web Raid Mobile will have the following features different to Web Raid:

  • not turn based; monsters move even if you don't; and they move smoothly from one square to the next. And you do as well.
  • Better dungeon levels; if this works I might add it to web raid. Now, a web page, not a site, is mapped to a dungeon. Every sentence determines a level layout, and a special sentence determines the dungeon structure, so you can now have dungeons where you can enter more than one level below (tree-like).
    Monsters are placed from easy in the top levels to difficult in the bottom levels, so that you get a reasonable difficulty level.
  • Player experience level. As you proceed, your experience and power increases (so that you're fit for battling the tougher monsters in lower levels).
  • NPCs that you need to guard, lead somewhere, take out of the dungeon
  • Missions
  • No dictionary that checks whether the words are actual English. This is sad,...
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Web Raid 1.3 is out!

April 23, 2010


it seems Web Raid 1.3 runs well so I'm releasing it today.

Except for the new "tiles only" UI with improved information about your stats, and a few bug fixes, nothing has changed. Your achievements and levels can be re-used (look in "preserving A&B")


Oh yes: I'm very interested in hearing if you prefer the new, all tiles look, or would rather have the old UI back!

just drop me a mail:


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Web Raid 1.3 nearly finished :-)

April 21, 2010

Hi everybody,

after Chex Warrior's comment on "either all ASCII or all tiles", I gave the "all tiles" version another try (this time the game does the scaling from 64x64 images to 20x20 on the fly), and I must say I'm fairly happy with it.

Also I used the chance to improve the player status panel so that it shows the player's health, and the status of armor, as well as the available blocks graphically.

Currently I'm testing the game. I expect it to be finished early next week.

Here's a screenshot. Any comments already?


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Web Raid 1.2 is out!

March 30, 2010


Web Raid 1.2 is out and can be downloaded in the download area. It has the added features I'm writing about below + a couple of bug fixes.I've also reset the global achievement list (so I don't have an unfair advantage :-) ).

 Have fun!

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