Preserving Your Achievements And Bookmarks

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This page explains how you (manually) can preserve your achievements and bookmarks (i.e. the dungeons you've visited that you see in the dungeon selection screen) when upgrading to the latest version of Web Raid.

Important: Old achievements.twa files can not be used in Web Raid 1.2! I had to add an additional field for the achievement time to be able to determine whether the global or the local achievement was earlier, and this makes the file format incompatible (and I didn't bother to do it in a compatible way, I confess)

By default, Web Raid brings an empty achievements file and a default bookmarks file that will overwrite whatever is there. If you want to keep your stuff, please do the following when upgrading to the latest Web Raid:

1. go into your web raid installation directory (e.g. with the Explorer of Finder)

2. go to the following folder: -> Contents -> Resources -> Java -> lib
    (Mac Users need to CTRL-click on the Web Raid application and select "Show Package Contents" as the first step)

3. Copy the following files to a place somewhere outside of the installation folder, e.g. to your desktop:

   - achievements.twa

   - dungeonmemory.ser

4. Install the newest version of Web Raid (to the same folder or a different folder doesn't matter)

5. Go to the same directory in the new installation folder

    copy your saved achievements.twa and dungeonmemory.ser over the files in the lib folder


That's it.