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Web Raid Mobile in action

This page shows a "click after click" sequence of a fun level I went through in "Web Raid Mobile".

A little background: other than its "big brother", Web Raid Mobile (henceforth WRM) features blocks that can be used as normal blocks, or can alternatively be used to dig holes. You only have 5 blocks in all. They need to be enough to make it alive through the early levels (in WRM, levels get more difficult the lower you get) until you are equipped with weapon and armor.


01 - The start screen. In the preview release (out now in the Download section of this site) you can enter any URL to raid, or just enter a word to go to its Wikipedia page.

02 - The first level. To the left you see a monster. The images reflect the kind it is (a warrior), not the actual monster. Next to it you see you. Next to you you see a stair. Run right and long-touch the player icon while it's standing on the stairs.

03 - The statistics for the warrior. You see the name, the word on the web page it represents, its level and health, and its weight. Weights are all new (and cool) in WRM. Below you see the elements, this time with hopefully useful textures.

04 - And the info screen for the stairs. You get the info screens by long-touching anywhere. Some backgrounds can be used, and if you're next to one, you can put a block there or dig a hole into it.

05 - Level 2 is a simple room level. You're located in the top right area; there is weaponry in the room below, and the stairs down in the room across. And there's that wild beast right next to you, a warrior close to the weapons, and a hunter in the room with the stairs. The wild beast will go after you in its first move.

06 - Close up to the mess you're in (use the menu button to zoom in and out - someday I'll support pinch-to-zoom, but not now). The tiger below cuts off every path; the only option is to use one of your five blocks to dig into the wall above.

07 - long-touch the wall to the top left of you and hit "dig hole"

08 - Voila, there's a hole now for you to move. The beast will follow you, of course, but you've survived the first step in level 2.

09 - One step later

10 - and another step later. By now you've probably noticed that, other than Web Raid, WRM allows diagonal movement. This makes a few things (tricking monsters) tougher than before.

11 - Zooming out again you notice that the hunter to the left won't let you pass to the stairs. More digging is needed.

12 - The beast and you are moving left, the hunter moves towards you, the other beast doesn't move, as some wild beasts ignore you unless you come too close. There's a couple of different kinds of monsters in WRM, each with a unique kind of behavior.

13 - we want to dig here (down/left of us)

14 - long touch the wall, hit the dig button

15 - and voila, here's another hole. Notice how there's now only the two green blocks +1 instead of 2 remaining in the bottom-right area.

And a few steps later I'm only one step away from the stairs. One of the beasts is following me, the other one is closing in from the right, and the hunter is coming from the top as well. Time to get out.