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The Web Is The Game

Latest Version: Web Raid 1.3

Latest Android Version: Web Raid Mobile 2.0, the successor of this game, is out on the Android Market!

Summary: Web Raid is a computer game. A "Roguelike Game", to be precise. Web Raid turns Web Pages into dungeon levels. Your goal is to claim victory over about 200.000 different monsters (derived from English words). Web Raid is turn-based, uses fairly simple graphics, and both you and all monsters can use full information about everbody and everything in the dungeon to optimize their decisions. And finally: the rules of Web Raid are deliberately kept simpler than e.g. Nethack's.

The web is a fascinating place. Billions of web pages, each filled with thousands of words. Why not turn the web into a game, where you hunt down the most spectacular words that you can find out there? Every site is a dungeon, every page is a level.

As it is probably not particularly interesting to read texts and note down the longest and most complicated words you have found so far, a game should turn words into fierce monsters, powerful weapons, strong armor and more.

Web Raid does exactly that: it turns words into creatures and items. If you want to claim the fame of being the first to have found a certain word in the web you have to slay the creature and make it back alive. As Web Raid is - in the background - all about words, everything in a word does matter:

  • Vowels define the strength of monster or item with respect to the five chinese elements water, fire, wood, metal and earth.
  • Vowels (count twice) + consonants define the level of the monster or item. The higher the level, the stronger.
  • Consonants define the character of the monster, i.e. whether a monster is curious or passive, peaceful or agressive, tries to wander around or guard the place where it was born solely depends on which consonants the word it stems from contains.For weapons and armor, consonants define the weight and the efficiency of the item.
  • Rare consonant sequences give weapons and armor special powers (1 out of 1000).

Example: Web Raid turns the word "Example" into a Level 10 "Black Jaguar". This monster has strong powers in the elements fire and wood, no strong powers in the elements metal, water, earth. The personality of the monster is a bit spontaneous and a bit neurotic.

Web Raid's dungeon levels are computed from selected sentences in the web pages (exept for a few pre-defined ones that are selected based on letter combinations in the text), so all walls and empty spaces in walls are actually determined by the letters of the longest sentences in the web page.

Now the bad news: I'm not a game programmer nor do I want to be one. Therefore Web Raid is a "roguelike game" with minimal graphics (but hopefully interesting gameplay).

What now?

  • You can go to the download page to download the current version of Web Raid. Please feel encouraged to leave any kind of feedback as comments in the news blog or send them via mail (address below).

  • You can look at the manual in the user documentation

Web Raid is free and will always stay free (under standard GPL license to fend off lawyers). I'm developing it for fun.


Awards and Stuff

What to do about interesting / weird / good (you to decide) others writing me that they are listing my game and awarded it with this and that? I have no clue, but why not mention that here?

So here we go

  • Web Raid has been added to Softpedia, and has the "100% FREE award granted by Softpedia"
  • Web Raid has been awarded the "Famous Software Award", "to recognize "Famous Software", which come up with innovative and efficient ways to reflect the best relationship with users assuring their satisfaction".

Screenshot of Web Raid

Next Steps:

Not much left... Actually I have a lot of new ideas, but I'll add them to my Android version of Web Raid, unexpectedly called "Web Raid Mobile". As I learned that I have neither the time nor the skills to learn about 3D, animation, to create nice-looking 3D monsters, or even 2D ones, I'll stick to the good old Roguelike formula for Web Raid Mobile.

By now you can download and play the successor of this game for Android. It has vastly more features than this game.

Want To Help?

A) I need feedback about Web Raid

If you find any bug when playing Web Raid, please tell me the URL in the title and explain what you think should be different. Please also send me TWITG.log in the installation folder of web raid.

Also, please tell me if you like it, what you would like to have differently or what you miss. 

B) I need somebody to host a very little server written in Java

Web Raid is twice the fun with the global achievement table. Here everybody else can see that you're the guy who killed that Level 25 Mean Beaver and thus can claim the fame of having raided the word "Flabberghasted" (or so). Unfortunately for the global achievement table, we need a global achievement server with a fixed IP address. so: Do you have a fixed IP address available and a machine running at that IP address most of the time? And would you maybe not mind running a little java process that doesn't occupy much memory and CPU? And would you be okay with opening up a single TCP/IP port (port number of your choice) on which text-only data that will never start anything and that are not going to cause buffer overruns? If yes, please drop me a mail. Right now the server is running on my laptop when I find time to run it (read: rarely), which limits its usefulness.

C) Web Raid could much moch cooler and full of flashy graphics, but I don't know how to do that

Do you want to turn Web Raid into a real game (like Diablo or like Doom or whatever)? If you know how to do graphics, Java 2D, whatever Java 3D is there, ... then please contact me. You can easily build something on top of Web Raid, or we can find ways of co-developing web raid.

Installing Web Raid

Currently, Web Raid is in development; I didn't have time or passion to research on how to turn it into a real application that can be installed in one step. Thus, you need to perform four simple steps to download and run web raid on your computer:

First: Download the zip file from the download page (accessible via the menu on the left side)

Second: Ensure that you have a Java Runtime installed and that your default Java runtime is Java 1.6 or later.

Third: Unzip webraid.zip to a folder of your choice.


  • If you are a happy Mac owner, please double-click on the Application within the installation folder.
  • If you are a nearly as happy Windows PC owner, please double-click on the batch file webraid.bat in the installation folder.
  • If you are a also rather happy Linux owner, you're probably skilled enough to create a bash- or whatever script from webraid.bat that lets you run the game.

Caution - Proxy Users: Web Raid uses normal web pages and turns them into dungeon levels. Therefore the game will need to connect to the web. If your computer sits behind a proxy, you need to change the Java proxy settings.

  • If you are a happy Mac owner, then... I have no clue. Have to figure out how to do this.
  • If you are a nearly as happy Windows PC user, then please edit the file webraid_proxy.bat and enter your proxy settings there
  • Linux: as above.