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  • Q: I'm sitting behind a web proxy. How do I play Web Raid?
    A: Please take a look at this page.
  • Q: I'm sitting behind a firewall. The game works with my proxy settings, but I can't sync with the global achievement table. What can I do?
    A:Please contact me at support@webraid.freehosting.net . The only firewall I can test with doesn't seem to let any ftp through, so I can't try out the hints in the web on how to do this. But if you help to help you, I'm sure we can figure this out.
  • Q: What happens if somebody else uses the same name(s) as I do and we both sync with the global achievement list?
    A: You won't be able to distinguish your achievements there. Just pick another name. You might want to replace all occurences of your old name with your new name in the file achievements.twa in your web raid installation folder.
  • Q: Which data does Web Raid send?
    A: The only data that are sent are your achievement details. You can see these data by examining the file achievements.twa in the lib folder of your web raid installation. Nothing else is stored somewhere.
  • Q: I want to upgrade to the latest version of Web Raid, but I don't want to lose my achievements and the dungeon levels I've visited.How can I do this?
    A: Please take a look at this page.
  • Q: Why does it take so long until the dungeon appears after selecting a level?
    A: The game needs to crawl quite a few (typically 30) web pages and also check the links from them. This takes a while depending on the web site and your internet connection.
  • Q: All pages seem to be from Wikipedia? How do I get away?
    A: Indeed, right now the three example levels and every level you reach with the "Anything else" button lead to Wikipedia. Use Jump gates in the game to reach other sites (Jump gates represent external links).
  • Q: Unbelievable! You can't even move diagonally! Can't you change that?
    A: Actually this has saved my life quite often in a game. Originally this was done for performance, but now I actually like this; it makes running away from monsters more likely to succeed and it makes chasing monsters more challenging.
  • Q: The global server to sync achievements with doesn't seem to be up.
    A: True. It's nearly never up, because my Laptop is nearly never running. If you have a static IP address and if you're willing to let a very resource-friendly java program run on it, I'd be eternally (almost) grateful, as the global achievement table is the point of the game.
  • Q: The game is brutally hard / way too easy. Can't you do a proper level balancing?
    A: Not easily. Everything is generated from the web so I can't influence much. Typically, with enough tries, you should be able to grasp enough weapons and armor to clean a level of monsters. I'm thinking about a piece of code that analyzes the power and distribution of monsters and armor and that gives you a few extra starting powers if this is too hard, but this is hard to do, makes the game more complicated, and I'd first find out if it's necessary.
  • Q: There are multiple stairs down but they all lead to the same level. Why?
    A: First, the idea is that a level is connected to an (invisible) maze of small paths, which in turn are connected to a number of levels below. If there is more than one of those, the player gets brief information about them and then decides which to take. So much for theory. In reality, today's web sites are all so huge that if you crawl them "breadth first", you end up with one level 1 and many level 2. Not good. Now Web Raid is crawling them "depth first", ending up with linear levels for every site I've ever seen. Someday I need to implement a size-limited breadth-first search or something like that. Until then you get exactly one level 1, 2, 3, ...


Playing Hints

  • If you die, remember why you died and add it as a comment to the level selection dialog. Make sure to double-click the creature the killed you to find out how to avoid this the next time.
  • Find armor that can be combined to cover elements. An armor that only covers one or two elements is the best you can get!
  • Find amulets that cover the remaining elements.
  • If possible, outrun monsters that run to armor. If you need to kill them, their armor will have suffered. If you need to kill them, make sure to use a weapon that hits their weak spot.
  • Closely watch those monsters that like to gather weapon and armor. Sometimes they come into a situation where they are precisely in the middle between two pieces of armor and can't decide what to do next. In this case if you pick up one armor, it'll go for the other one (and maybe more).
  • Going down a few levels and gathering armors may help to clean a level.
  • There is no achievement for cleaning a whole dungeon (yet) so you may want to focus on a certain level each time you play
  • If you're in a tight spot, going down and immediately up again brings you back to the "stair up" (still not sure if I consider this as a bug or a feature). This way you can lure monsters that follow you to a "stair down" and mysteriously appear on the stair up, having time to run to the next weapon.
  • Monsters don't interact, and other monsters are ignored when a monster determines their shortest path to you; therefore you can trap a monster by moving to the side of another monster that just likes standing around. If a monster blocks the shortest path to you, the other monster will just wait.